with Dr.A.Q Khan

a series of Tv interviews of the personalities ,which are eyewitness of birth of Pakistan.

azhar niaz

a smile can improve your health

in Mauritius

during shooting of a documentary

azhar niaz,samina raja and ahmad faraz

an interview with Ahmad Faraz.

azhar niaz,syed noor and jamal shah

short film festival program at PNCA

Poetry by azhar niaz

azhar niaz authored to many books .you can enjoy his poetry on the following link: facebook.com/azharniaz.im

Books by azhar niaz

there are many books by azhar niaz .these are poetry,short stories,novel,and on TV production.

Produced by azhar niaz

There are many audio visual productions on his credit produced for TV channels, NGOs, advertising agencies. He has the honor of being director of the first private production and broadcast on PTV “Nashaib”.

Now a days

He has been working with Riphah international University,He is in charge of FM 102. and teaching radio and TV production

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Dost Na Hon To Acha Hay by Azharniaz on Mixcloud


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Main Nay Pakistan Bantay Daikha:interview Dr.Zafar Ishaq Ansari

Main Nay Pakistan Bantay Daikha interview Raja Zafar ul Haq interviewer:Azhar Niaz Produced by azhar niaz A RIPHAH INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY PROJECT

سُنا ہے لوگ اُسے آنکھ بھر کے دیکھتے ہیں

FM 102.2

What is the problem with our textbooks?

What is the problem with our textbooks? by gvt24

Nation Formation

Maira Column-18 by Azharniaz on Mixcloud

Maira Column-17

Maira column-17 by Azharniaz on Mixcloud

Maira Column-9

Maira Column-9 by Azharniaz on Mixcloud

Maira Column-8

Maira Column-8 by Azharniaz on Mixcloud

kahani Likhain-6

Kahani Likhain-6 by Azharniaz on Mixcloud

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